GPS Fleet Tracking: Saving Scarborough Businesses Time and Money

GPS Fleet Tracking: Saving Scarborough Businesses Time and Money

• We will reduce your payroll, overtime, fuel expenses & increase your billable hours by at least $150.00/m on each of your commercial vehicles or your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

• How to be a ROCK STAR at managing your commercial vehicles by implementing a GPS tracking solution effectively.

• Our 5 step GPS mastery will put $150.00/m or more in your pocket for each of your vehicles

Owning a business is the very definition of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, you get to live the dream: be your own boss, make the rules, set policy, reap the rewards and exercise total control over your ultimate vision for your company. On the other hand, all that power comes with a shockingly long list of responsibilities. Questions about payroll, accounting, inventory, public relations, hiring, firing, government regulations, tax issues, and customer service all, ultimately, are your job. No matter how many long nights and weekends at work you put in, sometimes it just seems like the pile of tasks ahead of you never shrinks. If you’ve got a business that operates using a fleet of commercial vehicles, add another long list of things you need to pay close attention to. Scheduling and paying for maintenance, keeping track of mileage and hours, and simply knowing who you’ve got out on the road and how long they’ve been out there are all things that can be helped by setting up GPS fleet tracking. Scarborough business owners who have hired a reputable GPS tracking company to keep a close eye on their fleet of corporate vehicles have discovered just how many headaches are cured by a steady stream of accurate information.

Who, Where and When

In the analog days, employees who hit the road in company vans or trucks had to punctuate their work day by meticulously filling in the pages of a log book, and then often transcribing the contents of that log book onto another log sheet back at the office at the end of the shift or day. If it was a particularly busy day, it’s pretty easy to imagine a driver making more of a mental note about where they’d been, assuming they’d remember by the end of the day. And that, of course, ignores the possibility of an unscrupulous employee simply ‘forgetting’ to log a handful of kilometers here or there. Believe it or not, lots of companies still rely on this kind of system for keeping track of the mileage and routes of their corporate vehicles, when state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology is in the hands of reputable and experienced vehicle tracking companies who are ready to bring their clients into the 21st century.

Now And Before

With the right GPS tracking equipment, you can have the location of your entire fleet right at your fingertips, giving you real-time route, speed and location information to help you manage your assets better. Not only that, but the best fleet tracking companies will also keep a detailed archive so you can look back to any given date and time to see whether a vehicle was on the job site they were supposed to be or not.

If all of this sounds like the business management godsend you’ve been waiting for, do a little research, pick up the phone and discover all the myriad benefits of GPS fleet tracking Scarborough businesses have been raving about for years.

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